Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Happy Birthday Lara

Lara chose Frozen as the theme for her party. How hard can it be right?!?

Step 1: Make the cake

Correction. Decorate the cake. Thank you Costco for making big beautiful cakes already iced beautifully in white. With a little googling, I managed to find an easy recipe to make blue candy which was broken to look ice shards. Couple that with Disney Infinity figurines that double up as presents. We have ourselves a cake!

We need sugar. Lots of it

Blue food colouring to magically turn the candy into "ice"

Luckily mother-in-law has all gadgets to do with baking! Checking the temperature of the boiling candy

In goes the colouring

The mixture is poured out onto sheets to cool and harden

Starting to looking like ice

My lovely assistant...

Blue ice!
Thank you Costco for the piping the Birthday message....
The candy on the cake to make it look an ice cavern

Step 2: Prepare the snacks

Once again Mr Google helped out with decorating the food we needed. Bottles of water were transformed into melted snow. Marshmallows and pretzels combined to make a "Build a snowman" kit. Home made popcorn in frozen blue popcorn buckets.
Healthy drinks

Do you want to build a snowman?

Popcorn boxes
Step 3: Gather the people

Step 4: Enjoy sing-a-long frozen at the movies as a group!

The family are ready

The princess is ready

Lara A and Lara B

Let's have cake!

Thankfully after a big morning and afternoon, Uncle Brian and Aunty Asha came to rescue and provided dinner. Beef pho! Yeah!

Preparing the noodles

The broth