Friday, 10 June 2011

The Next Project

After a long hiatus and having had the time to marvel at Irene's phenomenal Nemo costume, I have decided to embark on my second sewing project. I settled on a pretty summer skirt. There will certainly be no time pressure to complete this project in a hurry! I picked a pattern from the multiple books that I bought from and took my mother-in-law along for a fabric shopping expedition at the mega Spotlight in Auburn. I was quickly reminded of the reason that I BUY my clothes. Fabric is not cheap in Australia! At least not the ones that I was interested in...

Sew Serendipity, one of the MANY books purchased thanks to Amazon UK's free delivery to Australia offer

I bit the bullet and chose some fabrics. This had better be a skirt that looked different from anything that can be purchased from the shops! The paper for the pattern has been picked up from my mother's and I learnt that mother-in-law owns a ruffler attachment. Bonus! No more gathering ruffles by hand. I'm set to go. I am posting this to keep myself accountable and not shove the project aside. Let's see how long I take...

Pretty in blue hopefully...

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Disney Treasures

I was feeling a bit sorry for myself with yet another cold. What better way to console oneself than to dig up and catalogue one's purchases from Hong Kong Disneyland! You've all seen my Mickey ring. Here are some of my other favourites...

My rather busy Disney umbrella. This is the one that we had to pay for! I wanted one of the really loud ones with Big Minnie ears and bows, or the Buzz Lightyear ones, but decided for moderation in the end...

So thrilled to find this, and only in Hong Kong...a nail clipper key chain!

Converted to nail clipper mode

There were so many beautiful tins that were unique. I had real difficulty picking one. Went for this lovely apple green tin with the characters in chinese costume. I am thinking that this will make a great tin for colour pencils.

Jonah's Chip and Dale cars

The obligatory fridge magnet to keep the other one company

A camera strap to personalise my Nikon D90

A unique pin...only in Hong Kong!

Another one to commemorate the year of the rabbit. Ignore my pudgy fingers

A lovely key chain of the fab 5. I can't believe that I gave away the one that I bought from WDW!

Next to the Winnie The Pooh version HKDL Dooney & Bourke

The one at 50% off

A rather shy Jonah modelling the only T-Shirt that I bought

I had to have this musical jewelry box when I saw it. I love the details on the top. Made in Japan, it plays "When You Wish Upon A Star" when opened.

It houses my precious pearl Mickey earrings purchased onboard the Disney Wonder.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Picture Perfect

Our family photos have arrived and they have been hung! Thanks to dear father-in-law, who only asked for a cheese and salad sandwich and a hot cup of coffee in return. If only all tradesmen were so cheap! Having in-laws who own an interior decorating business also came in handy when it came to getting the photographs framed. We paid a total of $200 for all three. Bargain!

We were fortunate enough to score two free 8" x 11" prints on top of a free sitting. We had grand plans of walking out the door without purchasing any more...but they knew how to hook us in! And of course, we fell for it... But no regrets, we love it!

The boys

The girls

The children

Photos on the wall!