Friday, 30 July 2010

Quick Catch Up

This blog has sadly been neglected over the past few weeks. So here's a mini resurrection with highlights of much that has happened of no particular order of course:

Malcolm's mum was admitted to hospital again. Boo. She has now been discharged out of hospital. Hurray! Then his grandfather was admitted. Boo. Then he was discharged. Hurray!

We went to Melbourne for 5 days and had a fabulous time. Hurray!

School has started again. Boo. or maybe its hurray?!?!?? Don't know. Can't make up my mind.

The Yeohs have left for Canada. Boo. However, I can still call them at the cost of a local phone call. Hurray!

My photography class has started. Hurray!

We won at Trivia last night. Hurray!

Malcolm has had his colonoscopy and all is well. He has also thankfully recovered from the miniscule amount of anaesthetic that he was given. Hurray!

I shall end this short post with a photo of my little a Snow White costume that I couldn't resist buying during the sales!

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Bird on buoy

Today we went on a boating trip with Malcolm's parents. The children were up nice and early, always excited to be on nana and grandpa's boat. We set off on what was to be a glorious day, pulling in to anchor next to Berry Island reserve. We will be meeting up with my mother-in-law's dentist and his family for lunch. His wife just happened to be a former Miss Colombia...

To my joy, I noticed that we had dropped anchor right next to what seemed to be a naval dockyard with several buoys in front of it. I needed a photo of both a navy ship as well as a buoy, with bonus points for a naval officer on the former and a bird on the latter. I waited and waited, and waited. C'mon darn birds!!! How hard was it to sit on that big yellow thing?!?!? When it finally happened, the bird of course chose one that was farthest away and hence a hazy shot.

Spot the bird if you can...

Sorry I digress...Miss Colombia turned out to be warm and lovely who was recently cast for several gigs but had to decline because of motherly commitments. She wants to be a newsreader here in the future which was what she did back home after her Miss World campaign. Don't you hate it when they have it all?!?!? Beauty, personality, brains, and a nice person to top if off. I had to delight in the fact that she had two little tornadoes as children who were hard work. Shucks, who am I kidding? I have three of those...

Unfortunately, the only photo I took of Miss Columbia was of her back (apologies to the male population), demonstrating how to use a dinghy efficiently. That is, with a motor. Unlike Malcolm, who earlier chose to use a board intended for scaling fish...

The children had a great time on shore nonetheless, despite going without shoes, socks or pants. They both seriously considered removing their undies as well for fear of getting them wet when they discovered how they were to make their way to shore. I assured them that this was not necessary. They also enjoyed the fishing upon their return to the boat. Elliot was delighted when he reeled a fish in himself. He later ate this fish for dinner at Oma's house who grilled it for him.

Elliot's fish

We made our way home tired but content. I managed to get several more shots for my scavenger hunt and PAD including one of a sunset. I have now uploaded all my recent shots online and suddenly realised that there are only 6 days left to our next Disney planning meeting. That means updating all the summaries with the details of my research and completing all my to-dos before then with the children at home. Eeeks! I have also committed myself to visit 2 friends before then. Hmmm....It appears that I have alot to do. Better get some sleep in then.

Friday, 2 July 2010

On a cold winter's day...

Had a lovely day today visiting a friend and her baby. I never thought a simple chat over lunch could be so relaxing. It was great to be able to catch up with friends, and to see her doing so well as a first time mum. Little Kaela, who surprised her parents by coming out 8 weeks early, has chubbed up and is a real cutie! It was oh so nice to be able to hold a baby and give it back...


Jonah, was well, Jonah. Messy, full of sound effects and laughing for no reason the whole time he was there. However, I have to give the poor child some credit. He survived being dragged around town by his scavenger hunt crazy mother. I was determined to get some shots of the Harbour today. So I drove down to McMahon's point before visiting my friend. This was after a trip down to Luna Park to get some photos as well. It was so cloudy and bleak that the photos just turned out all wrong. Everything was so lifeless. And it was so damn cold I couldn't bear to stay and take any more photos!!! So I abandoned ship...

Luckily for me, the current theme for the photo a day challenge (hereby known as PAD) is winter. So bleak and lifeless fitted right in! So here are today's efforts, in stark contrast to yesterday's PAD debut photo...