Sunday, 28 September 2014

Kurringgai Chase National Park

It was a gorgeous day to spend with the family at Kuringgai Chase National Park.

Seats with shade. Tick!

Hats on. Tick!

Malcolm has a toy...tick!

Poppy enjoying the sun and snoozing

Jonah very happy to be able to fish with Grandpa

The gorgeous National Park

Can you spot the crabs?!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

A Big Day Out

As part of our "See Sydney" campaign, we embarked on a journey to the city with the children. We had Merlin Passes to utilise! The Merlin Pass is a single pass to several city attractions which we bought on a special. It was our chance to visit Madame Tussaud's, an attraction we've never been to.
Initially wary (for how much fun could one have with wax figures?), we did end up having fun! It is small though, and would not be fun if there were big crowds.
Let's go to the city!

The children always seem to enjoy a train journey

Looking at the Sydney half marathon runners crossing the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Our first destination for the day

Captain Cook

Ned Kelly

The Dalai Lama

A Day in the Office...




The choker...


Gassing for a legend

Xray shots

No Rove, this is how it goes...



Ironman Jonah's hero!

Elliot in ET!

Mr Chan, are we related!?!?

Bit of Cate Style
Conveniently, Sydney SeaLife Aquarium, another attraction included in the pass, was right next door. Although we have been here before, it remains one of Jonah's favourite. We strolled to the nearby, Home Thai for lunch. A quick tasty lunch was needed. We had to get to the Sydney Opera House for an important occasion. Uncle James was running the Sydney Half Marathon to raise funds for autism awareness, and we wanted to support and cheer for him at the finish line.

Aquarium time!

Delighted to point out the various sea creatures

The Shark Tunnel

Thai Iced Milk Tea, one of my favourite drinks!

Soft shell crab green papaya salad

BBQ beef!

Beef noodle soup

Uncle James ws running in the Sydney Half Marathon to raise funds for autism awareness

Urging him on at the finish line. Go Uncle James!!!

Time to relax by the Harbour...

...and eat the Thai dessert that we had to take away

One more person to meet up with in the City...

Our favourite...Uncle Yap!