Friday, 11 September 2009

Only 2 hours and 42 minutes to go

I am too wired to sleep. Disney will be making its announcements for the 2011 itineraries. There are exciting rumours of cruises to Hawaii, Europe, Alaska and many more. However, staying up until 2am may not be the responsible thing to do as a mother, seeing as I have to go to Mia Mia fete duties in the morning before taking the children to Little Athletes and then making it to a birthday party by 11am.

Malcolm is unfortunately on call the whole weekend. He kindly helped to bake the cake this evening for the fete tomorrow but forgot to add the baking powder so we had to bake the cake again. We are now waiting for the cake to cool so we can ice it with the chocolate icing.

The kids athletics uniforms are ready, snacks prepared, water frozen (hot day forecasted tomorrow), party clothes and shoes chosen, present and card loaded in the car and the baby paraphernalia packed.

If only the sleep would come...

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