Saturday, 3 October 2009

Earnt my ears

What lousy weather for a long weekend. The cold, miserable conditions have dampened my spirits enough for me to blog more. What kind of silly weather is 30 degrees and sunny and then becoming 15 degrees and rainy? Having said that, I am still glad that I don't have to go to work on Monday. The gloss of returning to work has already lost its shine. Luckily I have more exciting things to pre-occupy me. I am a now a mouseketeer on disboards! No longer just "earning my ears".

Our Panama Canal cruise booking has meant that other parts of our Disney adventure can now take shape. We have all agreed that the best way to avoid the chaos that is Walt Disney World over Christmas is to hit WDW first up and have a white christmas in New York instead. The Parsons have volunteered to co-ordinate our New York leg while everyone else is busy researching their various sections. This was when I discovered that I had made what turned out to be a most fortunate error. To cut a long story short, I had mistaken dark orange for light orange. This meant that we had booked verandah staterooms which were right at the back of the ship over 3 different decks with solid metal railings rather than see-through plexi-glass ones. Because we could only get category 6A GTY (guaranty) rooms, this means that our rooms won't be allocated until right before our cruise, so Disney can shuffle their guests appropriately. All we know is that we will be guaranteed at least that category for our cruise or better. Our inside room in the meantime, is fixed and is right at the front of the ship on deck 7. I was devastated. What had I done? or rather what had I not done?!?!? Obviously my research was not up to scratch. So I dug deeper.

It appears category 6A rooms only hold 3 people with the exception for 4 handicapped rooms at the back of deck 7 which can hold 4 people. Upon reading the reviews of the rooms and looking at the pictures, I found out that these rooms were nearly double the size of a standard room and had HUGE balconies. Disney also tries to hold these for those who really need it, which means we either get a free upgrade or we get rooms which will give us fantastic views of the Canal!

Yippee!!! I can now concentrate on other important things I have to do over the weekend, like playing boardgames at the Kohsino...

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