Friday, 30 July 2010

Quick Catch Up

This blog has sadly been neglected over the past few weeks. So here's a mini resurrection with highlights of much that has happened of no particular order of course:

Malcolm's mum was admitted to hospital again. Boo. She has now been discharged out of hospital. Hurray! Then his grandfather was admitted. Boo. Then he was discharged. Hurray!

We went to Melbourne for 5 days and had a fabulous time. Hurray!

School has started again. Boo. or maybe its hurray?!?!?? Don't know. Can't make up my mind.

The Yeohs have left for Canada. Boo. However, I can still call them at the cost of a local phone call. Hurray!

My photography class has started. Hurray!

We won at Trivia last night. Hurray!

Malcolm has had his colonoscopy and all is well. He has also thankfully recovered from the miniscule amount of anaesthetic that he was given. Hurray!

I shall end this short post with a photo of my little a Snow White costume that I couldn't resist buying during the sales!

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