Sunday, 26 September 2010

Highlights of September

A very tired little chipmunk

Well not so much highlights but things worth mentioning without necessitating a whole post...
  • The US dollar is on a high! Yippee!!!! Here's to it reaching parity before we go.
  • Our second Kindle arrived, a graphite 3rd generation Kindle. I am still deciding which one to keep and which one to hand down to the rest of the family...
  • We welcomed our newest au pair. An amazing girl who is making my house tidier by the day. Definitely a keeper!
  • We ended up winning trivia on Thursday night. Woohoo!!!! We also won the jackpot for the second time in a row. It consists of 3 questions which you must answer correctly in a short space of time. If you get it all correct then you win the cash in the jackpot. If no one gets the answers right, then the jackpot increases the following week. Anyway, the point of this particular bullet is that I managed to name the element Fm ... Fermium. What a genius!
  • Crazily went to church camp at Stanwell Tops last weekend by myself with 3 children in tow. The highlight would have to be the children's performance as the Chipmunks and the Chipettes

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