Friday, 6 July 2012

Brave-ing The School Holidays

It was a rare occasion when Malcolm had a weekday off and all three children were at home. So we thought we'd celebrate the occasion by watching Disney/Pixar's Brave. I dosed myself up with cold and flu tablets as well as a cough suppressant, and headed for the cineams in fear of the crowds that would be there, and the terror of watching a movie with a noisy and restless Jonah. 

We scanned our online purchase receipt on our phone and headed for cinema 1
I needn't have worried. The Disney filled previews and ads had all three children captivated from the very beginning. We watched the movie with no disturbance right to the very end. Hallelujah! I enjoyed the movie. To be honest, it wasn't quite what I expected, but even I myself am not sure what I was expecting. It was nice to watch a movie set in Scotland, and the accents were great fun to listen to. And as much as I am a big fan of Disney's princes, it was great to have a plot which didn't involve one. The plot though, still seemed just a touch weak to me. Having said that, I still rate way above Snow White and The Huntsman...I struggled to stay awake during the movie due to the ingestion of medications so take my review with a pinch of salt. Who knows how accurately my senses were functioning?

My reward...churros!
We stopped by  Spanish Doughnuts next to the cinemas for some churros before heading home. Much to the children's delight, we found a package all the way from Wisconsin, USA. Heather had written them all letters and send them stickers. Much to our delight, or to be more accurate...Malcolm's delight, we found this outside our door. It was filled with all sorts of winter goodies that he had purchased online!

Winter goodies that Malcolm has purchased online!

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