Thursday, 21 November 2013

Journey to Jakarta

This was a trip I nearly forgot about, with the packing only occurring last night. Jonah and I headed to Jakarta for my cousin's wedding. I had not been back for years, the last time I returned was also for a wedding! Unfortunately, due to school and work commitments, Malcolm Elliot and Lara were unable to make this time. Brian and his family, as well as his family and my parents were on the same flight which was uneventful. Immigrations and customs on both ends were quick. Jonah, bless him, was a surprisingly well behaved. He watched two movies, ate his meal and then slept until we had to get off the plane. My poor aunt's family had been traipsing to and form the airport with multiple friends and family members arriving throughout the day. Nothing had changed in Jakarta. It was still crowded, polluted, and hot with traffic jams that lasts the whole day. We stopped to get something to eat before checking the masses into the hotel. By this stage, it was 230am Sydney time and energy levels were flagging. Our rooms were tiny so it was lucky that both my brother and I packed light!

We were dropped off at the airport early as Malcolm had to go to work. We spent our time eating $10 steaks.

Brian, looking like our personal Cuban drug dealer...

Oma, with her 2 youngest grandchildren

Brian, our IT support, showing off his new Surface Pro

Waiting to pounce on the announcement for "families with young children" to board the plane

Our plane. It was a rare occasion indeed when Qantas was cheaper than Garuda

Inflight entertainment, Jonah style

Dinner stop

Fresh orange to energise...temporarily

Didnt last too long! He became comatose to several moves shortly after despite the juice

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