Saturday, 25 June 2016

Off to Bali

Our trip to Bali crept up on us. After what seemed to be weeks of crazy concert schedules, we were driving for the airport. It was fortunate that Oma's paranoia had us leaving early. Traffic was horrendous and we crawled for nearly 40 minutes just to go up the ramp to the departure hall. We were blessed to be directed to shorter queues at immigration and security and made it to our gate right on time only to be stalled by the grumpiest lady on earth shooing everyone away. Jeepers! Perhaps she should ask the people making the announcements not to go to the gate! We could have had time to buy food prior to boarding after all. As it turned out, it may have worked out for the best. Elliot declared the he just ate the best airplane food ever. Believe it or not, the food and drinks were generally cheaper on board (We flew Air Asia X)...

We're off!

Rendezvous with Nana and Grandpa went smoothly
We found Nana and Grandpa at the airport easily enough and we were soon whisked off to our resort, Bidadari Cliffside Estate. We were welcomed by our very own Ketut with fresh towels, drinks and the most fragrant frangipani wreaths.The children explored the AMAZING villa with great excitement. I will post more details about the villa when I have more photos but in short, the villa looked just like the photos of the website.

Dinner was at the villa with a Balinese meal prepared by Ketut, the in villa chef. Delicious! I just love having to do nothing!!! The services of the chef was included. However, we did have to pay for the cost of groceries and the petrol used to in the trip to purchase them. This turned out to be good value as the cost of the fresh produce itself was very cheap from the markets. The staff produced a detailed receipt for each purchase. Ketut was a great chef and had a wide array of skills from local food & Indonesian food to western food and BBQ expertise!

At the entrance of our villa

Our first meal prepared by the in villa chef, Ketut

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