Friday, 8 January 2010

Flourishing Fruitloops

The fruitloops made a great start to the year by winning the very first trivia quiz after the two week Christmas break! It was a close result with our team only winning by one point at the end. We were let down by our non-existent knowledge of the elements. The ponderous puzzle stumped our team for 6 rounds...Sigh. Malcolm and I left resolved to memorise the periodic table. He has already worked through flags of countries beginning with the letters S and T. I am endeavouring to learn more "geography" generally. How does one do that?!?!?!? I just want to be the expert at "something". Seeing as there are already ten thousand other doctors on the team, being a medical specialist is no good. Besides, we always get the medical questions wrong.

Oh, and I finally made my return to IKEA after a long absence. Boy, do I miss those meatballs. It looked like little Jonah will carry on the family infatuation with the Swedish meatballs. The little monster devoured 7 meatballs! Of course, one cannot visit IKEA without buying the wonderful IKEA products...

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