Friday, 29 January 2010

Two down, one to go

Lara started school yesterday and I am happy to report that we survived Lara's first week unscathed. She was taken to school by Marie, Malcolm, Nanna, Jonah and myself and had a milkshake before school started. I don't seem to recall such an experience when I started big school...Once we found her classroom and met her teacher, it was a simple of matter of kissing and hugging all family members goodbye. A bit of an anti-climax really.

We've managed to arrange lesson times for swimming, tennis, chinese and piano. In the excitement of rebuilding our letterbox and saving the chicken from burning on the BBQ, we forgot to attend the registration day for ballet. Oops. However, we finished the week with all hats, lunch boxes and drink bottles still in possession. A big achievement.

As Malcolm and I cherished the moments of being with Jonah yesterday, we also mourned the loss of innocence of our older two. But the grieving process had to be short as we had important matters to attend to. Believe or not! trivia at the Bayview demanded our full attention. Alas, we finished second after losing the tie-breaker. Hence the quiet night at home studying the map of Europe whilst Malcolm goes out for a night of boardgames...

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