Saturday, 12 June 2010

Saturday survival

Today is the first day of the long weekend with Malcolm being on-call. Preparations included shuffling Lara off to my parents so that I could take Elliot to soccer. For the first time, the team didn't win. It was a draw and a far cry from the 20 nil victories that the boys were used to. The boys took it well. Jonah thankfully was happy to watch for most of the game.

We hurried to Macquarie shopping centre for a fabulously healthy lunch of McDonald's. They've been good to me in the past in my hours of stress and I thought I should show some loyalty. I was lucky enough to get a parking spot straight away. Lunch also went by uneventfully. After a quick visit to the bookshop, we headed towards the hospital for a long overdue visit of grandpa. We were again bestowed with parking good luck and got a spot right outside.

We took some home-made banana and date muffins along with some lime curd. He looked much better and was a lot less short of breath. An angiogram has been arranged for Tuesday and hopefully that will yield positive news as well. Jonah again decided that he was happy to sit still...for over an hour! Was this really my son?!?!? Okay, so it helped that he had an endless supply of food.

By late afternoon, Malcolm still hadn't finished (he was working at the same hospital) so we decided to call it quits and head home. I tried to make new reservations for the Novotel at New York. The rate at surprisingly dropped to US$280 last night. I managed to make a reservation for our family this morning but by the time I finished making our reservation the price had gone up to $355 per night! As we had to go to soccer I left the rooms for the other 2 families for later. I could have kicked myself. When I tried again at 5pm, the cheapest available room rate was...$425 per night! And you had to pay upfront. I couldn't believe my eyes.

Moral of the story when a price seems too good to be true, book it straight away! I tried to soothe my annoyance with some Disney but I couldn't find my all Disney CDs! An incomplete collection?!?!? Arghhhh!!! I could take it no I bought myself the complete 5 CD set on ebay for $24. Money well spent I think. I am feeling a lot more relaxed already...

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