Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Practising for the Osbourne Lights...without a tripod!

Another busy week has gone by. We celebrated 2 mother's birthdays over the weekend. First up was Malcolm's mum on Saturday. A lovely Gordon Ramsay Shepherds pie followed by a lemon and cream cheese pound cake (mmm...) went down really well. This was followed on Sunday by my mother's 60th birthday which was celebrated at Bali Stick. Ah...real sambal and real satay!

Before that, I tried to sneak a quick look at Vivid, a special light show on historic buildings along Macquarie. We took the opportunity to show Shannon the beautiful views from Lavender Bay. Alas, I discovered that I had forgotten to bring my tripod. Annoyingly, the light display on the Opera House took a long time to change over. We didn't have time to fly by St Mary's Cathedral, the other building that I really wanted to photograph.

Well, the results were surprisingly OK! My hands, it seemed, were steady enough. This bodes well for our trip to WDW. And re-motivated me to look for courses that I can do to improve my skills. On a different note, I bought myself a brand new pair of leather boots today in preparation for New York! Nice, soft and comfortable Diana Ferrari super-softs with rubber soles. Things are shaping up, accommodation for Washington D.C. have been booked at a bargain price of $109 per night and it looks like flights from Washington to Orlando will also be finalised shortly.

I still can't work out why I can't move my photos around. Argghhh!!!!

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