Saturday, 7 August 2010

Noodle Mania

I can't believe its August already. That means there's only four months until we leave for our American adventure. Hurray!

We took the opportunity to pay off our cruise yesterday with the Australian dollar being at a good place. We also paid for our Walt Disney World package. With flights also paid for already, a big chunk of our expenses have been taken care of. This is a big relief...for Malcolm. Although my shopping list seem to be getting longer by the day, not sure if he is aware of this yet. On top of the obvious Disney merchandise, clothing and footwear that must be purchased, I have decided to buy myself some camera equipment as well. And if space permits, I might add on some manchester. Why is everything so much cheaper there?!?!?!

I've been mulling a lot about what I want to see and do and New York. So much choice! In particular, I'm rather confused about which Broadway show I want to watch. The two closest theatres to our hotel (half a block away) are actually showing decent shows, Jersey Boys and Wicked. Unfortunately, Jersey Boys just happen to be one of the most expensive shows on at present. At close to US$200 per person around Christmas time is just a tad much. Wicked is thankfully a little bit cheaper, however, the reviews have been fantastic for Mary Poppins which I think the children would really enjoy. We would have to catch a cab to get there (yes, I'm being stingy I know).

Our cruise adventures at each port are thankfully being arranged by everyone else but me. It will be nice to just get off the ship and enjoy myself without worrying about logistics. Malcolm and Sharon have been hard at work and some of the tours and excursions have already been organized.

We finally made it to Ryo's Noodles, supposedly the best Japanese ramen house in Sydney. We arrived early only to be stalled by the traffic lights and was beaten to the shop by a group of 5 Asians. They took the last big table. AIYAH!!!! Of course, it was then Malcolm's fault. Why didn't he run across the road faster? He knew that I was incapable of jay walking. As a result, we had to wait and watch 3 other groups go in before us. I was not pleased. Luckily, Asians eat quickly and we didn't end up waiting for too much longer. The ramen did turn out to be good and I would definitely return, but next time I will show no mercy and send Malcolm on ahead first...

The group of people who beat us to the door...

Waiting outside patiently

Enjoying our ramen!

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