Sunday, 15 August 2010

No more soccer!

Sorry Elliot...hurray for the end of soccer season! As much as I try to embrace it, I struggle with being the Saturday morning taxi service. It can be a challenge at times to get Elliot and Lara to soccer and ballet respectively with Jonah in tow. This Saturday, we had to travel to woop woop (Kenthurst) to play our last game. Having to travel for 35 minutes by car with no traffic is having to travel 35 minutes too far. It was fortunately a great game for the boys and they ended the season undefeated.

Soccer was closely followed by a lunch of KFC with school friends to celebrate a Birthday. It was hot'n'spicy season and the opportunity was not to be missed. Ali and Richard satisfied their annual KFC quota while the rest of us simply enjoyed the fat. Hester and Shane seem to be keen on a Disney cruise in 2013. Yippee! Perhaps we might join them...

My brain seem to be incapable of coherent thought of late so I'll summarize the other highlights of the week (will have to pull up my socks for future posts...), again in no particular order:

We finally made it to our very first music trivia at the Bayview Hotel on Friday night. It was nice to have dinner together without the children, however, it felt strange being at the same pub 2 nights in a row. Amanda was the only other member of our team that night and we confirmed our ineptitude at popular music trivia. Fortunately, she seemed to know a lot of the answers and for a team of only 3 (compared to the 8s and 10s of other tables) we came a respectable 9th out of 17 teams. It also made Malcolm and I feel better to read that official rules cite "teams must have at least 2 members. We were vital after all!

I had a lovely day out at Bronte Beach with Su and her cousin on Thursday. We had every intention of walking the Bronte to Bondi walk. We turned around at Tamarama Beach. I blame Jonah and the pram. I had planned to take so many photos for my scavenger hunt like "lifeguard" and "kite in flight" just to name a few. Alas, I had to be content with "pail and shovel in sand". I had to make good use of the props that I lugged all the way from home.

My visit to Canberra for a TGA visit on Friday was thankfully cancelled. Well, I didn't have to go...the rest of team went ahead without me. I finally managed to get myself to a hairdresser. My first haircut in over 2 years. Now my mother will hopefully stop nagging about me being "tight" with money.

We bought the in-laws a "bab"-top to help with communication. Teaching them how to use the device was interesting...They have finally made it on to their Asian Odyssey cruise. Hopefully they'll be able to have a decent break with no incident. Fingers and toes crossed in earnest.

My Kindle has developed a cracked as a result of the case. Fortunately, it appears that Amazon will replace my Kindle at no charge including shipping of my Kindle back to them. They will also credit me the cost of the Kindle case. Hallelujah!

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