Monday, 4 October 2010

A Berry Good End

The weekend was filled with rain which meant that we just had to remain indoors. I guess more boardgames were in order. There was a brief moment of panic when we thought we lost Jonah. The adults were sure that we didn't see him leave the house. Then the Loks spotted a bit of brown sticking out from the red bean bag in front of the TV. And there the little tike was, so engrossed in the DVD that he didn't hear his name being yelled out repeatedly nor did he notice his mother running around the house like a headless chook.

What is that?!?!

Just Jonah...

The covered "outdoor" verandah turned out to be another huge blessing. The area was so large that the children could happily play without being cooped up indoors. The dress-up box was a big hit with the girls. We also found a cupboard full of toys!

Painting in beautiful surroudings

Jonah enjoying the verandah

Despite much fun and merriment, the games weekend, unfortunately had to come to an end. We were joined by our dear friends in Canada for the closing ceremony. And the results were a surprise to all. Tied in first place, were Ethel and Shirley, closely followed by Jason. I came a respectable fourth ahead of Malcolm. appears that we will just have to make another assault next year!
Shirley chose the laptop holder as her prize. We all had to donate a prize with a value of up to $10

The selection of prizes

Shirley's take on Callum's recipe, half made with Brioche and the other made with croissants. Mmmmm!

Ethel with her new shopping basket

Jason withh his multiple purpose device opener

Fishing rods for me!


More chocolates!

Pat the dog, screw on the lightbulb!

All-in-one remote anyone?

A manicure bag

Cable organizer

Japanes Sake cups

The cushion updated just before the presentation

Our winners for 2010!

Wrestling away the trophy from the reigning champion

One last photo!

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