Monday, 18 October 2010

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We appear to be unable to stop ourselves being super busy. After a fabulous night of gaming on Saturday. We celebrated a dear friend's Birthday at lunchtime yesterday. Sue Lynn, if you are reading, I apologize for you having to cook your own birthday lunch. If its any consolation, it was really delicious! I really regretted not bringing my camera as there were many little cuties there at lunch. Little cuties grow up all too quickly!

An afternoon nap was in order for the whole family. We then went into the City for the night noodle market. Alas, we had the dates wrong and it was not on over the weekend. We were instead greeted by statues being dressed in weird and wonderful clothing. Apparently, it is a Clover Moore thing...

We walked towards George St to hunt for food. As we were psyched for noodles, western food was just not going to cut it. We discovered Chef's Gallery, a chinese restaurant which had only opened recently. It was quite funky inside. The waitresses were friendly and polite. What?!?!?! Impossible! Polite chinese waitresses? They haven't however, forgotten their good business sense. The food came quickly. The food wasn't too bad. The highlight though were the desserts. They looked beautiful! The children were really excited when their dessert buns came out until they bit into it and found sesame seeds. Mummy then got to eat the rest. Mmmm!

Waiting for our table

Waiting for our food

The food came

The chef's gallery

Chilli cucumber

Pumpkin dessert

Little piggy buns

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