Wednesday, 27 April 2011


It has been a while and I don't know where the time went. Things are bad when the DISboards get neglected. I guess I am due for another one of my bullet point updates so here we go.
  • DCL itineraries for the rest of 2012 were released. My eager hopes were dashed as the destinations were rather bland and we were not prepared to go back to the states again just yet. 2013 it will have to be! I now have to remember to move my dummy bookings...
  • Have scored myself the role of co-ordinator for Mother's Group at Church. Not sure if I am ready for this responsibility or if I am the right person. Pray for me.
  • Finally made an appointment for Elliot to be formally tested for giftedness. Relieved that the results confirmed our thoughts.
  • Lost my wedding and engagement rings at the park. Still no word from the police.
  • School holidays have come and gone. Survived!
  • Found an au pair to start at the end of May. Hard to believe that Lanella will be leaving us next year.
  • Farewelled my parents who left for Singapore and China. We will meet up in Hong Kong. Arghhh...plans for Hong Kong not finalised. Note to self to organise transport from the airport to the hotel on arrival
  • Saw Mary Poppins at the Capitol Theatre as part of Lara's belated Birthday celebrations. Was a good show but marred by air-conditioning failure!
  • Still trying to finalise car hire for our US trip in September. Why is it so hard?!?!?
  • Accommodation sorted out for the first third of our trip, including Malcolm's beloved dude ranch. Can't wait!
  • Go the Aussie dollar. Have gone mad shopping online. Now the whole family has a new wardrobe from the US and the UK. Have also bought a GPS from the US at half the Aussie price including delivery, go figure. Buying the Australian maps will only cost an extra $40 so we're still ahead. Have also purchased myself an Epiphanie camera bag amongst other things...
  • The last 5 days have been spent at Kincumber for our annual gaming convention. My name is on the meeple! More to come on this...
  • My Tokina 11-16mm lens arrived today. Yay!!!!

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