Friday, 31 August 2012

The Inner Bohemian

I bought this beautiful book over a year ago. It is filled with gorgeous designs that are colourful and perfect for children. It is very much clothes that are not "mini adult" like which I love. Equipped with the Farbenmix patterns, I embarked on an ambitious project of making a reversible jacket with a matching multi-layered skirt. My mother was kind enough to accompany us me on many visits to the Spotlight and Lincraft sourcing materials and trim. Lara was to be the lucky recipient.

One of my many purchases from Amazon UK when they offered free shipping to Australia
One year later, the project is finally finished! Hallelujah! It had been a struggle as the many trims were quite fiddly and I gave up many times. It was a relief to complete it and that it still fit Lara with room to grow!

The back of the jacket
The "other" side of the jacket

The matching skirt

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