Sunday, 2 September 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Teppanyaki art

We all woke up early to surprise Malcolm with pancakes, blueberries and maple syrup...but the man chose to indulge in Breadtop and a haircut instead! So off we went to our usual Sunday breakfast fare of Asian bread with Hong Kong milk tea, followed by a haircut by our Korean style team. With two members of the family looking ultra spunky we headed for church, and then met up for lunch to celebrate father's day with my parents at The Pymble Hotel. We think it is a little gem by the railway. Nicely decorated inside with $11 lunch specials! We filled ourselves with steak, schnitzel, sausages and rolled home.

The kids didn't complain about going to Breadtop

Ham bun...mmmm

The Pymble Hotel

Atmospheric interior

Lara eager to show off her new haircut

We had to prepare for dinner at a Teppanyaki restaurant. Malcolm had bought coupons on WhyPayMore a LONG time ago. Much to our frustration, the restaurant has made it as difficult as possible to use the coupons. We were unable to book using their online system if we wanted to use our vouchers. However no one would pick up their listed phone numbers. After leaving message after message, we finally got through only to be greeted by a very rude lady who informed us that we were only able to use on Tuesday lunchtime! This was not what was written on the voucher. Reluctant to be beaten by the stingy woman, Malcolm argued the point. She hit back with a "if you want the weekend, you'll have to wait". The husband persisted and asked for the next available weekend slot and finalised the reservation. That was more than 3 months ago! Yesterday, we received a text message trying to tell us that we couldn't use the voucher as it was Father's Day! Unbelievable. Undeterred we went. The food was actually decent! We had a good time as a family. Would I go back? No way. And I don't think Malcolm will be buying cheap coupon deals over the internet in a hurry in the future...
The restaurant that was so hard to make a booking for...

Delicious prawn and fish

Miso beef and teriyaki chicken

Elliot on his way to catching the flying egg

Lara, unfortunately, missed

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