Sunday, 6 October 2013

Happy Birthday Jonah!

Our baby turned 5 today! All he wanted for his birthday was a pinata...Nanna obliged and surprised him with a home made King pig pinata. And thus began the Angry birds themed party. It was simple but the children had a ball. "Best day ever", they proclaimed, before adding "in Australia".

Dinner was a treat at Uncle Brian's next door, who cooked a beautiful pork roast complete with yummy cracking and baked apples. Jonah's fart gun provided musical entertainment until it was time to retire. Rest is required for the day ahead...a BBQ gaming party at the Yeohs!

Everyone in red

...the reason!

The prized King Pig pinata had arrived

Weapons of destruction

Ready for destruction

Letting the little ones have a go first...

....before the bigger ones

Jonah focused on the task at hand

Finally! Treasure to be picked up

Malcolm's drinking game...

...for kids. Get the water level down to the letter "E". Great way to get the kids to drink water after the lollies!

Sam drank the whole lot.

Mummy to the rescue to win Sam a prize

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Time for cake!

Angry birds toys

Roast pork with the best cracking ever

Oven baked apples

The much loved "fart" gun. Thanks Uncle Jason and Aunty Ethel...


  1. Water drinking competition after the lollies is a sneaky clever game !

    Can make excuses for your real fart now , just keep the fart gun close by !

  2. I am becoming like Angry Bird becos the System keeps asking me to PROVE that I am not a robot for the umpteenth , ... I have to type in that funny code to determine I am human so it will publish my comments ! Grrrrrr !!!!