Saturday, 19 October 2013

Weekend Happenings

Salted caramel macaroons

White chocolate and rosewater version

After a resounding basketball victory over St Patricks early in the day, Elliot spent the day with Nanna and Grandpa whilst Malcolm looked at men stuff AKA BBQs. That was followed up by a double bass acquisition reconnaissance expedition. They are not cheap instruments! Fortunately the school was helpful and offered to help us either with rental of a school instrument or with buying one of our own. I personally thought answering emails from parents on a Saturday was dedication. Glad those school fees are coming to good use.

The shock required Malcolm to have some relaxation treatment...

Special things that supposedly helps with ear wax and relaxation...

Personally I wouldn't want that thing burning whilst in my ear...

The afternoon business of trying to get the house is some of order warranted a treat. Nanna and Grandpa brought these along when dropping Elliot off.

Macaroons by Elliot! The box was only for transport
Elliot had piped all of them carefully. I thought they were from the shop! He had spent the afternoon baking with Nanna. The macaroons were amazing. The family polished off the salted caramel and white chocolate rosewater macaroons in no time.

Night time story with Nanna

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  1. "The shock required Malcolm to have some relaxation treatment... "

    Looks like he'll be needing regular ear waxing than underarm hair waxing !