Monday, 14 April 2014

Mudgee Madness Ends

Our short experimental camping trip, even though fraught with last minute changes, ended up a great success. Not only did we survive, I fear we may have even enjoyed ourselves. I can't believe what I just typed...

It was time to pack up and head home. The two seasoned German campers who we disturbed greatly with our noise must have wanted to be as far away from us as quickly as possible for they were up and gone remarkably quickly. Our tent that was so easy to put up, did not fold away as quickly and as neatly expected...

We stopped by Mudgee on the way home to explore the local sights and to visit a local vineyard recommended by our trivia buddy. When we explained how we came to be there (with no mention of names by the way), the owner surprisingly guessed who the referrer might have been and gave us a discount on the recommended sparking rose! He had worked with our trivia buddy and moved to realise his wine making dreams. He then kindly let the children play with the sheep.

And there endeth our first family camping trip!

Eating the leftover carbohydrates


The winning honey deserving of a journey back to our home for consumption

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