Sunday, 13 April 2014

Mudgee Madness Part 2

The highlight of the day was canoeing down the Cudgegong River on a guided tour. We learnt about the local wildlife, the local history, and how the river came to be how it is today with the Kandos weir for the local cement works. Apparently, platypus can sometimes be spotted along the banks but no such luck for us today.

The beautiful scenery a stone's throw away from our tent

Birdlife a plenty

Time for breakfast!

Look! Blue sky!

Hot cross buns

Toasted over the fire...mmm

Time to explore the river on canoe

Time to stop and go for a short walk

Back on and paddling back home

Kandos Weir

Our "clothes line"

Time for a bath!

Having too much fun

A break from nature, time for boardgames!

More rock exploration

Can you guess what's for dinner? Tomatoes...

+ Eggs..

+ Mushrooms...

+ Pineapples...

should be obvious now hopefully

+ cheese and lettuce = Hamburgers!

Kookaburra sits on the old gum tree

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