Thursday, 10 July 2014

Destination Dubbo

It was never going to be easy finding somewhere warm to go in Australia during the winter school holidays that was we thought we may as well embrace the cold and go inland. We found travel companions in the form of the Kohs. Neither family had ever visited the acclaimed Western Plains Zoo. Thus Dubbo it was! It was going to be at least a five hour drive which worked out well with Malcolm's need to leave before sunrise when embarking on a driving holiday. We had to maximise the short amount of time we'll have during our brief weekend away.

A brief stop was made at Orange, a delightful town with great local produce, to stretch our legs. Our stomachs were refilled at Miss Daisy's Teahouse, a quaint little cafe on the way to Mount Canobolas (near Orange). The rest of the day was spent completing the long drive to Dubbo. The only thing of note being that Malcolm forgot the bicyles were on top of the car and hit the roof of our motel! Oops! Luckily no damage was done to the roof. Our roof rack however...Thankfully, the motel owners were kind and pleasant about the incident. There wasn't much we could do except tape the rack to the car as best as we could and hope it held!

Why oh why do we have to leave so early?!?!

Heading west!

Our obligatory McDonald's breakfast stop

Getting fancy with their breakfast options

Gloomy day...trying to keep up with lead-foot Koh!

Orange, our midway stop to stretch our legs

Buying a few snacks made from local produce

Lunch at Miss Daisy's Teahouse at Mount Canobolas near Orange

Home made dessert...mmm

Driving through the vineyards on the way to Dubbo

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