Friday, 11 July 2014

Westerns Plains Zoo

When one has to exert physical energy, the appropriate sustenance needed to be consumed. We headed early in the day to the Village Bakery Cafe to have their Award winning pies for breakfast prior to driving to the Zoo.

Bacon and egg meat pie

The reason for our weekend away
We had a lofty cycle around the zoo. One child had only learnt how to ride a bicycle recently and another could only stop by throwing himself off the bicyle. Attempt it we did and fortunately we were successful. Western Plains Zoo is a beautiful sprawling flat zoo, ideal for cycling. The roads were wide and all one way with stops for the various exhibits well marked with plenty of parking for both cars and bicycles. They also had a good range of animals and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We had initially wanted to camp overnight at the zoo but was glad that the tents were sold out as it was absolutely freezing as soon as the sun went down!

The support vehicle keeping an eye out on the cycling members of the family

The rare and endangered white rhinocerous

Park the car and bikes and walk to the various animal exhibits


Paths were nice and wide

Only just in control of his bike!

Is that an animal on the side of the road? Let's feed it...

Mother Cheetah...

...and her two cubs

Two very noisy apes

A break in the sun admiring bison

An Australian zoo would not be complete without marsupials!

These things can move faster that they look!

The children so happy to have buddies! And yes it was cold!

Nothing like continueing the animal theme through to dinner

Food not too bad!

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