Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Ngorongoro Crater

One of the advantages of staying in a camp within the conservation area itself was time. Because we did not have to drive to the gate and line up to register for entry, we could sleep in a little later. We were also only 15 minutes to the floor itself while it was a slightly longer drive from the gate to the floor.

Our guide, Ready Freddy, was brilliant. He was full of life and information, a vast improvement on our previous guide! The crater, as reported by every other tourist we’ve met, was teeming with wildlife. Animal spotting was easy! We saw a minimum of 25 lions…

It was hard to believe that this was going to be our very last safari game drive, so we did our best to just take it all in, remembering the smell, the feel and what we can see. We were surprised with a bush lunch in a private picnic spot! So privileged to get a hot lunch compared to the other jeeps with cold packed lunches in the public picnic areas… Yeah!

Clean, dust free jeep!

with device charging capabilities!!

A lush paradise for animals

Hello baby zebra!

What you looking at?!! The grey crowned crane, national bird of Uganda

Playful zebra teenagers

A very special lunch!

Freshly made hot food

While the rest had their packed picnics next to their jeeps in the common picnic area

This must be where the game "sleeping lions" came from...

The jackal that just refused to turn around!
On return to camp, we were surprised with another Maasai jumping and singing performance by the fire! Dinner was lovely as ever, chatting with 2 young American couples and an older Japanese couple who had just arrived. Dinner conversation ranged from our travels, to home and of course Donald Trump! As most of us were moving on the next day, we all headed back to pack. It was a nice day to finish off our safari time in Africa.

Our Maasai camp fire

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