Monday, 7 January 2019

Southern Serengeti

We were blown away by the sheer numbers of wilderbeests and zebras we saw, literally tens of thousands! We had never seen zebras so active, playful and randy! Lions were also in abundance including several males, and a female with tiny 2 week old cubs. Unfortunately for us, none were in the mood for a hunt though. Our guides, though friendly and good, were no Massek and Dennis. Our drives felt a little more random…We returned back to the camp for a delicious lunch and to wash off the dust followed by a short rest. It was back out to see if we could spot a hunt but it was just not meant to be! The cheetahs we saw yesterday had FULL bellies today, the lions who were mating yesterday were still at it, and the other lionesses kept sleeping…

Dinner saw the arrival of Australian guests! It was pleasant to hear the familiar accents. Jonah befriended an 80 retired air force pilot and they were having an animated conversation which was so sweet to see. The group opted for a sleep in tomorrow as we will be on the move again.

Bogged in the mud...

Wilderbeests in the thousands....

How many zebras can you count?!?!

Small predators around as well. Tawny eagle

This big guy lazing by the roadside

Another male sleeping not so elegantly...

Family photo at the "hidden valley"

Hyena and her cub

This one was injured

Lunch time!!

The brothers we saw yesterday now full. Look at those bellies!!

Grooming each other. This put the children into fits of laughter as the contemplated doing it to each other

If only the bird wasn't so ugly this would be an awesome shot! This is the marabou stork, one of the ugly 5

Practicing his archery

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