Friday, 26 March 2010

I can see clearly now! I think...

On the momentous 25th day of the month of March this year, Malcolm and I finally succumbed to our inner vanity and had laser eye surgery performed on our eyes. The lead up to the event conformed to the usual high drama that is not uncommon with all things related to the Albanys...we had the wrong date written in our diaries!

This was despite receiving paperwork given on the day that we made our appointment as well as paperwork sent to our home address. It took a phone call on the day before to jolt us into action. We had slated in the 26th to be OUR day. All the arrangements for a romantic bus ride into the city, babysitting and lifts home went down the drain. Not to mention having to cancel my appointment with the oral surgeon as well the children's piano lesson. To make matters worse, Malcolm was on urgents at Concord Hospital which usually takes up the whole day.

The eye clinic was thankfully understanding and told Malcolm that he could come anytime that he is available so long as it is before 3pm. I, of course, went ahead as planned. There was no way I was going to delay the procedure for Malcolm! As it was, I had a suspicion that this was retribution for him not allowing me to have the procedure done earlier without him. With the usual Albany good fortune, Malcolm managed to get himself out of Concord Hospital by 1pm and to the eye clinic by 2:45pm. By 4pm, he was in the car going home to sleep off the drastic effects of the 10mg of Valium that he was given. It was quite a sight seeing a petite elderly receptionist hanging on to support him on Macquarie St while waiting for his ride!

We are very pleased with the results and quite amazed at our 20/20 vision that we both had the morning after the surgery. Happy as well that we did get the romantic bus ride into the city together after all! How can anything bad happen now that we are so beautiful!

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