Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Lara the Lovely?!?!?

Today was parent teacher day. We had the day and time written down at multiple places throughout the house just in case we forgot. We really didn't want to miss hearing about how Lara is going at school.

Her teacher started off with a happy exclamation of how lovely and helpful Lara is. Followed by an account of how wonderfully she listens, concentrates, and applies herself at various tasks. She is also doing well in reading and maths. She never complains and gets on well with everyone in the class.

We must have looked like codfish with our mouths opened in shock. Is this the same Lara that we have at home who hates being told what to do, who gives up with a simple shrug and a "That's too hard for me" or "I can't do it", and who always whinges and complains with "Do I have to do it?". Wonders will never cease!

We had a discussion with Lara about the positive feedback given by her teacher. And she simply replied, "Oh you only have to listen at school". Silly us, how could we not have known that...

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