Sunday, 25 April 2010

Our first sea day

We could hold the children back no longer. After an early breakfast by the pool at Goofy’s Galley, the children went for a swim. Funny how the cold that was so horrible at breakfast suddenly didn’t matter! Jonah was off to Flounder’s nursery so we could have brunch at Palo with the group from the DISboards. It was nice to have time to chat for real with people whom we’ve been chatting to online for the past few months.

Brunch really was an exercise in excessive eating. The choice and amount of food offered was astounding. The quality of food was also wonderful. Unfortunately, the want and the ability to eat didn’t quite match up! We rolled out the door relunctantly to try and retrieve some children.

Jonah came willingly. It was a relief that he adjusted well and didn’t seem to be too distressed. As for Lara and Elliot, they chose to remain at Oceaneer’s Club and Lab respectively. It was infinitely more fun than hanging around with their parents. The next few hours flew quickly as both Jonah and I napped for the afternoon. I really have no awareness of what the rest of family got up to. We finally managed to drag the children back to the room just in time to get dressed for formal night.

Lara was very excited to be watching her first show, Twice Charmed, an alternative ending to the story of Cinderella. She sat transfixed by the great production. I have no idea once again how the day went past so quickly. So much for planning to scrapbook and go to trivia.

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