Saturday, 3 April 2010

Sight on the target

Malcolm and I went to a beginner's photography course today and we had a blast! He borrowed dad's G10 and the instructor loaned me a Nikon D3000 (not that it means that much to me at the time). He figured it was the lightest and would be easiest for me to use (the tiny person that I am). It was useful to be able to compare the 2 side by side and have someone explain and demonstrate the functions. Who would have thought that we would have so much fun sitting in front of a fountain taking photos?!?!

After much discussion and research based on level III evidence, we are considering purchasing a Nikon 18-200mm lens to minimize the gazillion number of paraphernalia that we already carry we us when we go on holidays. In the meantime, we'll borrow Michael's Nikon D60 body until we decide how funky a body we really need. This is to go with the G10 that we'll pilfer from my parents for our point and shoot. How's that for a plan?

Next on the agenda is of course not to finalise plans for our trip to Europe but to book tickets for our NEXT holiday to the States. We had to grab the deal offered by Delta with prices dropping by about $600 from a few weeks ago. We got flight centre to price match as well as to use $200 in vouchers to minimize the damage. The seats have been reserved, the children's meal ordered and travel insurance purchased. All in all, I think we did pretty well!

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