Thursday, 1 April 2010

Time to get serious

Ok, time is marching on. Ethel has done the pre-sewing of the FE and my iron-on transfer paper for dark material has arrived. Apparently, this gives more vibrant images than those for light material. I'll take the word of the FE experts.

Got myself and Jonah ready to do some serious shopping. First off to the supermarket to get some food. Forgot to put my online order in last night for home delivery. Doh. Then off to get something cute that's not pink for Hester's little baby girl who arrived a whole 8 weeks early. Next on the agenda are printer cartridges in readiness for some serious printing. Followed closely by purchases of various items needed to complete my projects. I need to be vague here for fear that friends may be reading! Got home in time for the pianos to be tuned, to organise a replacement buddy for my photography class, arrange for the children to have sleepovers and chat with Ali to organise a very late and last minute baby shower. Even found the journals so as to be able to post photos, as well as sent out more Disney junk mail. Not a bad morning's work!

Might catch a quick snooze while Jonah is asleep. Need to be fresh to study some European geography in preparation for our weekly Trivia quiz tonight.

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