Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Photos which I should have posted from our Canberra trip which I can't seem to move around...

Top: Our starter kit of door magnets
Middle: Our very sad matching FE
Bottom: 3 families all wearing our T-shirts for WDW

This blog has been sadly neglected of late. Much has happened since our return from Europe.

My two (the only 2 that developed) wisdom teeth have been removed. As a result of my fear of pain, I opted to have this done under general anaesthesia. The procedure went well and the day was thankfully uneventful. The anaesthetist managed to insert the canula first go into flat dehydrated veins and before I knew it, the whole thing was over. Thanks to the local anaesthetic, obviously used in abundance, I felt no pain for the next 36 hours.

And luckily for me, I then had a Disney planning meeting to distract me from the onset of pain. We went through our plans for WDW, NYC, Washington DC, Port Canaveral and the Panama Canal cruise. Four out the five families going on our Disney adventure at the end of the year were present. Our plans are really taking shape and I was impressed by the efforts of our theme-park strategist, dining colonel and goose (group organising our shore excursions). It certainly made me happy to be able to focus on another Disney trip within the same year. The minutes of the meeting spoke volumes about the commitment of our Disney tribe.

Yesterday, I received one of the coveted Disney PIN code so often talked about. Yippeee!!!! I was shocked to check my emails at work to see a Disney email telling me that I can have 20% off value WDW resorts, 30% of moderate WDW resorts or 40% off Deluxe WDW resorts. Best of all, our travel agent at Small World Vacations was able to apply the discount to 2 of the other families. The last family unfortunately didn't qualify as they were arriving on a different date.

Last but not least, we welcomed Shannon, our latest au pair who has come all the way from Boston. So far so good. She is fantastic with the children and they love her, especially Lara. Hopefully things will continue to go well.

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