Sunday, 7 November 2010

Princesses & Pirates

I am feeling rather overwhelmed. We have so much going on at the moment. We have an event to go to on every single day of every weekend until we leave for the USA. To add on top of that, we also have to submit our application for our new home before we leave. Malcolm has been busily engrossed in completing his take home exam for his ultrasound course. So yesterday, the rest of the family attended a very fun Princess and Pirate party. The pictures below speak for themselves! Thankfully today Malcolm announced that he had completed his exam, my parents hung on to Lara and Elliot which meant that we only had Jonah to contend with while we trotted off for lunch at the Woolwich Pier Hotel. As usual, it was a relaxing and wonderful way to spend the afternoon, eating and chatting with friends. So relaxing that I forgot to take photos...

Happy Birthday Annelise!

Ethel's labour of love...a beautiful cake befitting a princess!

The birthday princess with her 2 of her guests

Lara, delighted to be Snow White again


Reluctant pirates

A princess busy making her tiara...

...and her treasure box

The boys with their own version

Concentrating very hard

The generous spread provided by the Kohs

Mrs Koh's special yam cakes

Fried wontons

Jonah doing his own thing as usual

Waiting to decorate cupcakes

Cake time!

A princess trying to find some a quiet place to enjoy some nibbles

Waiting in line for a bash at the castle pinata

Lara showing off her muscle

Its finally broken!

Uncle Jason making sure there's nothing left inside

The rush for the treasure!

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