Sunday, 2 January 2011

Dec 19 - A Knightly Affair

Today was our last day at World Disney World. We farewelled Kwan as he headed home to Canada and the rest of us revisited Disney's Hollywood Studios. The first order for the day was fastpasses to Rock'n Roller Coaster. That initial exhilirating acceleration was simply addictive! We then entered the nearby theatre for the Beauty & the Beast Stage show. When we first saw the Prince, I had to stop myself from bursting out laughing. He really looked like he should be flipping burgers at McDonald's. I was relieved when he was turned into the Beast. Gaston was good value and Belle's voice was awesome. The Prince returning to human form made the ending somewhat of an anti-climax. The show was otherwise a great condensed version of the movie!

We used up our fastpasses for Rock n Roller Coaster and had an early lunch at the Pizza Parlour. We tried to register the children to be Padawans but alas, it was already booked out until 445pm. We had to be content just watching the Jedi training academy which was hilarious and good fun. We simply couldn't resist the lure of the dark side. Once we saw Darth Vader, we were satisfied and rushed to the Lights Motor Action stunt show. It was awesome! Nothing beats crazy stunt driving. I loved it!

I've been shot!

The machine that we've been waiting to see

The awesome stunt show

The group split up to cover various things that they hadn't already done and then hurried to the front of the park. We were picked up by our Happy Limos minivan. We were taken to Medieval Times dinner and tournament for some good old fashion fun. Malcolm, with a stroke of genius, bought 2 swords and shields. Jonah went crazy whacking everyone in his sight with a sword.

Before long, the lords and ladies were seated in the arena. The tournament began and we cheered loudly for our knight. The red knight had the swagger, he had the looks and he had the crowd going for him. We really thought he was going to go all the way but then he died a dramatic death under the hands of the red and yellow knight. We ate with our bare hands on pewter crockery. The simple fare of tomato bisque, garlic bread, half a roast chicken, spare ribs and castle pastry was plenty to fill our stomaches. We left the castle sated and were glad to be able to board our minivan back to our resort.

The Castle

Awaiting to be seated

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