Tuesday, 25 January 2011

We are home!

A brief post in real time...

We have arrived home safely after a horrendous 14 hours with Jonah on the plane. Thankfully the lovely Lanella has made the house immaculate for our return, even washing our sheets and making our bed. It was nice coming home to a tidy and clean house. Mother came to the rescue, cooking us dinner and then taking the children for a sleep-over, excluding Jonah unfortunately. I have since had to re-learn how to shop, cook and look after my own children. Being the great mother that I am, I discovered that the kids don't go back to school until next Monday. Arghh!!!! At least, we have now unpacked and all the laundry is done. Thank goodness tomorrow is a public holiday. Hopefully I'll have time to sort through the 30 pages of blog notes that I've made as well as the collective 110G of videos and photos...the trip report will continue shortly. I promise!

I am eagerly awaiting our trip to Hong Kong in May and the announcement of the Magic's itinerary for 2012 in April so we can plan our next big adventure.


  1. Welcome home!!
    And welcome back to summer...... :-(
    The weather has actually been tolerable mostly until the last couple days. Yesterday was the hottest day so far this summer. And tomorrow is likely to be the hottest since last Australia day!!

    I hope he who must be held settles down soon.
    You're off to Hong Kong in May!!! Exciting!!!
    Wishing you all the best :-)


  2. Welcome home! I look forward to reading your trip report.