Saturday, 1 January 2011

Dec 18 - Food, Food and More Food

Breakfast at Chef Mickey's was the first item on our agenda. The breakfast buffet was like any other buffet but the children, as always, were so delighted to see the characters that it was all worth it. Jonah kissed Mickey!

With predicted showers, as well as park crowd ratings of 9, we decided to forgo the Magic Kingdom and spend the morning shopping yet again. So back to Downtown Disney it was. Browsing for merchandise was a pleasant way to while away the hours of miserable rain. It certainly made the morning go by very quickly!

Lunch was at the Earl of Sandwich where 2 counter service credits were again enough to feed the whole family of five! The holiday season sandwich was YUMMY with turkey, cranberry, stuffing and gravy on a toasted roll. This was finished off with a Ghiradelli triple chocolate brownie and chocolate mousse. We rolled to the bus stop to squeeze in an afternoon nap back at the resort. By the time we awoke, the rain had mostly cleared and we were off to Epcot.

We FINALLY managed to complete a Kimpossible mission! Whilst the children were busy doing missions, the adults were busy sampling various "snacks" from the various pavillions. Pastries from Norway, curry puffs from China. Mmmm...An absolutely amazing acrobat show entertained us at the China Pavillion. We had to run all the way to Canada to make our dinner reservation at Le Cellier's. The food was absolutely divine. The cheddar soup wasn't too bad but it was a rather heavy starter. The fillet mignon was heavenly and absolutely to die for. It just melted in your mouth. By the time my maple creme brulee came, I could hardly fit it in. Sorry, but I forgot to take photos of the food! We rolled out for the second time in the day.

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