Saturday, 26 November 2011

Food With Family & Friends

Why is it so hard to maintain a blog when one is at home?!?! There has been so many events since our return from the States and yet I appear to have no time to blog about them. I am determined to catch up on lost time. There is no better time to start than tonight. In an amazing display of motherly inadequacy, I have somehow "lost" all three children throughout the day. I left the house this morning with three and returned with none! The house is quiet, and there will be no little bodies climbing into our bed tonight...

So...seeing as the sun had finally decided to come out and play, I decided to initiate one of my new pairs of shoes, purchased online from the good old US of A whilst the dollar was still good. These Hush Puppies cost me all of $30 total. It had to be red of course.

I have an infatuation with all shoes red

The occasion was dinner a family friend's home. There was nothing like delicious home cooked meal shared with family and friends. Malcolm, unfortunately, was unable to make it tonight due to a work function so these photos are for him as well. To remind him of what he missed out on!

Lara with Opa

Eggplant in hotpot with fried chicken in the background

Special omelette with the obligatory chilli 

Green curry


Tapioca cake all time favourite!

A home filled with beautiful things. Our tea cups for the evening...all the way from Japan

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