Sunday, 27 November 2011

More Food

Alas the child-free status of the previous evening was short lived. We had to wake up early as we had an 8am appointment at Jonah's childcare, to contribute to one of the two working bees held each year. Malcolm thankfully got up early to pick up the 2 boys from his parents. And my parents were talked into taking Lara to a birthday party...

Somewhere in there, is a childcare centre...

Jonah running in to help

We have always oiled these 50 year old wooden blocks at each working bee. The tradition continues.

Nearly as big as Jonah

The job is done! 
We spent the morning helping with tasks to maintain the centre, such as oiling all the woodwork, sugar soaping the table and chairs, washing bins, and much much more. Alas, we had to leave to for church. However, it was nice to be able to contribute to what is a wonderful childcare facility.

The special event at church today was congregational lunch, but not just any lunch. It was a curry fest, with the male members of the church cooking up a curry storm. I didn't realise that there could be such a variety of south east Asian curries with most originating from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Altogether, there were 12 curries presented for judging which made for an amazing lunch!

The wonderful aroma of the curry was wafting in during the sermon which made concentrating very difficult!

Some of the curries on offer.

Presentation counts!

I am ashamed to say that I didn't know such a curry existed...even though the name is  either Malay or Indonesian

Judging is very serious business

The women contributed to dessert

Malcolm, with a lack of curry knowledge, volunteered to be a roti boy instead

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