Tuesday, 22 November 2011

When It Rains It Pours

And I don't just mean literally...it has been pouring today after a hot weekend.

With the end of my time at my current workplace looming closer, God has again amazed me with His love and faithfulness. In the past week, job options have popped out of no where. I am stunned that the options all seem to allow me to only work part time. Even more amazing is the fact that none of them were through any effort of mine! One of the more appealing options is to start up a GP centred clinical trial unit with a dear University friend. Amidst all this excitement, I have also been offered an extension of my "end date" with my current employer on a month by month basis suitable to both parties. This means that I continue to earn a living while my redundancy package slowly grows with each month that I stay.

It all seemed so simple a week ago! I am now rather confused about what I want and what I should do. One offers easy money on a casual basis. The other is slow and steady but secure. Another involves initial grunt work but could pay off big time in the long run. Others are simply more stimulating for my aging brain. The challenge now is to choose wisely. I pray that God will grant me the wisdom and strength to take the path that He has planned for me in this next stage in my life. I am so excited to discover what He has in store for me!


  1. Your not wrong about when it rains it pours, Everything seams to always come at ones. I got offered the perfect job and now have also been accepted into a course within a week I hope I have made the right choice for me and my family.

    The right door is there for you to open :-)

  2. Bronwyn, I read your blog post about your job offer and the situation that your family is in. It isn't easy being a parent! But you are right, the doors are there waiting for us to open it! I hope everything works out well with your family.