Friday, 16 December 2011

A Wiggly Wiggly Concert

I had the pleasure to take Jonah to his very first concert. We watched The Wiggles! The show was great. The Wiggles were wonderful. The concert was filled with upbeat songs, and there was plenty of space for the children to move and dance. Aunty Sharon even brought roses for Dorothy the Dinosaur.

My only complaint had to be the venue. There was only 1 entry IN to the carpark. This was made worse with ongoing council roadworks surrounding the venue! It was a disaster. We left an hour before the concert was due to start. We got there soon enough but lined up for an hour to enter the carpark. Leaving the carpark was even worse. We moved forward 5m in 45 minutes...Castle Hill Showground, please please please do your homework for future big events. It really was not good enough.

The awesome Wiggles in their Big Red Car! Jeff had a defibrillator inserted a mere 2 months ago!

Jonah took a while to warm up but asked if he could  watch it again after the concert

All the favourites were there including Captain Feathersword

Hurray for Jeff! 

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