Saturday, 31 December 2011

2011...The Year That Was

Time does fly. This whole year has passed by in a blur much like other years. It was another quiet New Year's Eve for us. I had time for some reflection whilst feeding the children dinner at McDonald's. Malcolm was at work...

We started 2011 at Washington D.C. visiting the Lincoln Memorial. It was the much anticipated Disney trip through the Panama Canal with 21 people. We had the luxury of a few more Disney trips to Hong Kong and later to Anaheim after our tour of the National Parks in the American North West. The annual gaming convention was a big success with a certain someone taking out the championship...Culturally we were on a roll, not only managing to see Dr Zhivago and Mary Poppins, but also seeing The Wiggles live in convert.

The year would not have been complete without the up take of time-consuming and unnecessary past times to distract me from my wifely and motherly duties. They include digital scrapbooking, photography software, sewing and Pinterest just to name a few. I did have time, however, to purchase some new toys. The thermomix, an iPad and an iPhone were warmly welcomed into the household.

2011 wasn't all smooth sailing. In amongst the highlights were the lows of lost wedding and engagement rings, au pair dramas, family illnesses, Malcolm's great grandfather having to go to a nursing home, council woes, as well as that of a lost job.

Through out the year's highs and lows, God is gracious and faithful. We have much to be grateful for. He has lovingly challenged us, guided us, blessed us, comforted us and provided for us. It is apt that I end this post by writing about my preparation for Sunday school tomorrow. The lesson is "Living To Please God". May 2012 be another year full of blessings, a year where we honour His name and glorify Him with our words and actions.

Happy New Year!

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