Friday, 17 May 2013

A Kick Up The Butt

Nothing like an upcoming trip to kickstart the blog again!

The fact that our computer had taken its last dying breaths weeks ago hasn't helped. Our building project has kept us busy as has working out our new routine, but life goes on!

The children have settled in remarkably well despite their disorganised parents missing parent teacher day. We have welcomed a beautiful Italian au pair who we love! And as stressful as the building has been, things are moving along. We're now hoping to be able to move in at the end of July.

On Monday, I'll be flying to Japan for a day of training. Fortunately, things have worked out in such a way that I will have time to visit the very last Disney park that I have not yet visited...Tokyo Disney Sea! That is definitely blog worthy which is why this update is occurring.

With virtually no knowledge of anything related to the park, it was a scramble over the past three weeks to cobble something together that somewhat resembles a plan. This was no way to attack a Disney park! At this point, I thank God for the existence of the DISboards. Malcolm and the children were not too pleased about my solo trip to visit a Disney Park. Fortunately, the children were easily appeased with the promise of flavoured popcorn. Malcolm reluctantly settled for a Disney cap to add to his collection.

So here are some random photos of events of recent months. I will add some more of the gaming convention upon my return from Japan.

Elliot made it into the 4ths in basketball despite having never played before. Yay!

Happy Chinese New Year! If only behaviour matches the angelic look...

The colour of good fortune!

Chinese New Year not complete without food

Lara's first major sporting event at school

And her collection of ribbons

Enjoying the last of summer's warmth

We missed our Asian food whilst in Europe!

Mmmm...Thai food

The two double bass players in the Yr 3 string Orchestra at their very first concert

Happy Birthday Malcolm! Spoilt by his mum with a home made icecream cake

Happy 8th Birthday to Lara!

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