Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A Day At Work

Head Office

My reward for answering questions correctly

It was a more relaxed day today. I was able to sleep until 7am. After a leisurely breakfast, I headed for the station with my manager. It was a 30 minute train ride to the Head Office building. The day was long but the material covered necessary. Some highlights included:

  • Lunch at the office Cafeteria – we got to choose our meat with salad on the side and then picked up our miso soup, rice and accompanying dessert, followed by our choice of drink. The cost was covered for us on the day of training but for the rest of the company, it would set them back a mere 300yen ($3)!
  • Getting to meet colleagues from other affiliates as well as head office staff
  • The dinner party at the end of the day held in the office’s entertainment room complete with karaoke machine
  • Acquiring an impressive collection of business cards

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