Monday, 20 May 2013


After a long day of travelling, I am now blogging from Tokyo!

It was a very early start. The taxi arrived right on 545 in the morning and it was off to the airport. Bag drop off was quick and easy and having the express pass through immigration and security meant more time at the Qantas lounge.

Ahh...uninterrupted moment for caffeine and candy crush at the Qantas Lounge. Bliss

The flight itself was uneventful. I managed to watch 4 movies onboard, a feat which I was rather proud of! I tried very hard to squeeze the fifth one in but to no avail. The Hobbit would have to wait for another day. The food was nice and cabin staff very polite and obliging. I must have broken all sorts of records getting out of Narita airport. It took a mere 20 minutes from me getting out of my seat on the plane right to walking out to the bus stop which would take me to my hotel. This included lining up to purchase my bus ticket!

I love Japanese efficiency. Not only do things run on time but everything is very orderly, including the airport limousine bus systems. They had their system down pat right down to how passengers board and suitcases are loaded and unloaded. The driver politely walked up and down the aisle to make sure that everyone had their seatbelts on. We were politely told that we shouldn't use our phones in case we "annoyed" the people around us. The nearly 100 minute journey to the Tokyo Dome Hotel gave me a most welcomed opportunity to read without interuption and without guilt of feeling like I should be doing something else! The bus was clean and well lit. The time flew past and I was soon bowing to the driver thanking him for retrieving my suitcase. He exclaimed excitedly with a big smile "Match!" after making sure that my baggage claim ticket was the same as that on my suitcase.

Check in to the Hotel followed the pattern of everything that came before, quick and easy. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my room was of a decent size, had a decent view (by Japanese standards) and that there was enough space in the bathroom to do a full turn with my arms spread right out. The sight of the special Japanese toilet with many buttons brought back warm memories...

The bus clearly numbered with the next 3 buses due to depart from that stop listed

Destinations are listed in both Japanese and English

You are placed in the right line so there is absolutely no chaos even though people are lining up for different buses. 

Your luggage is tagged and you have to produce your matching luggage stub to collect at your destination

The view from my room at the Tokyo Dome Hotel, my home for the next 3 nights

My room

Love the Japanese toilets!

Tea Japanese style

My junkfood fix

By this stage, my stomach was rumbling. Starvation and Belinda do not go well together. In desperation, I headed to the closest convenience store that was right next to the hotel. Ok, so I was too stingy to dine at the restaurants at the hotel. After I bought my goodies, I remembered that work was going to fund my meal. Doh! I brought my Japanese junk food for a quick walk to scout out the station that I had to go to tomorrow morning for my Disney day out. There were a gazillion stations around the hotel and I didn't want to be lost in Japanese peak mass transit passenger traffic. I purchased myself a suica (train card) in preparation and rushed back to my room to eat.

All in all, its been a good day. The only difficulty I've had is that everyone assumes I'm Japanese! And oh how shameful it was to have to apologise constantly for not being able to speak Japanese. Oh high school Japanese, wherefore art thou? Why have you deserted me?!?!?

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  1. Your children reminded me today that mummy is going to buy them something from Disneyland