Sunday, 28 July 2013

Soldier On

It has been a struggle all week having been unwell as well as having asthma. However, much needed to be done to get our old home ready for rental and our new home ready to move into. After a crazy morning of running around, we were fortunate enough to have our private interior designer shop with us in the afternoon. A stop at a closing down store saw us grabbing bargains! Who could resist things at 70% off...We left with wedding presents, goose down pillows, doona, and that was followed by a purchase of a custom made bed, a mattress, and mattress protector. Mr sweet talk managed to snare us some extra pillows on top of the commercial price. Just thought I'd share that the name of the pillow is...Bambi. Awesome!

Testing out mattresses, I was ready to stay there and not move...

By mid afternoon, we finally stopped to have some lunch at Harry's Cafe De Wheels. I was really struggling by this stage so stopped, picked up the children and organised our week in a new area with totally new routines. Wish us luck!

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