Saturday, 6 July 2013

A Mini Break

We took the opportunity upon a beautiful Sydney winter's day to take a small break. Much has happened in the past few weeks with building stresses and illness within the family. We left all that behind and drove south towards the Illawarra Fly to take a walk amongst the canopy in the Southern Highlands. It was also a chance to show Maria around.

The 40 minute walk turned out to be a big challenge for a few members of the family. The height caused much anxiety. Despite the hiccup, the family had a wonderful day out together. A brief stop at Robertson to sample local produce and browse for curios could have been longer if we had not been rejected for lunch! We moved on to the bigger and busier town of Bowral for good fashioned pub food before starting our drive home. A practice at the driving range en route towards a dinner of Malaysian cuisine was a great way to end the day.

The children with Maria, our Italian au pair

A brief stop after driving through the winding roads within the National Park

Our destination

Walking towards the canopy. Everyone is smiling and in good spirits.

Our first challenge, walking towards the cantilever. We lost our first 2 members here...

The central viewing tower, where we lost our 3rd...

Three made it to the top although two were terrified and one frozen to the spot

Waving to the camera for a photo on the way down.

Beautiful walkways over the canopy

...allowing beautiful views towards the Tasman Sea

The fourth member finally called it quits so its back to the car we went.

Proof of exercise for the day...

Stopped at Robertson looking for lunch

and hoped to find something unusual for the house

Got rejected for lunch at the Cheese Room because there were "not enough chairs" despite there being several empty tables!

Oh well let's try some free olives instead

and don't forget the cheese

Pub food  for lunch at Bowral 

Jonah at the driving range

Paparich for dinner

Toast with kaya and a milk tea a great way to end the day

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